Sunday ticket deal renewed by DirecTV for NFL

nfl-logoDirecTV, a growing conglomerate providing satellite television and cable channels to people in America, renewed its agreement with the NFL, so they can carry out every Sunday afternoon game plans with the package provided in the Sunday ticket. Newspapers reported that NFL will gain about $ 1.5 billion yearly, and it will be over eight years. However, neither the company, nor the gaming organisation are commenting upon the terms of agreement found in this deal.

One of the main and most prominent reasons why DirecTV chose this deal is due to them merging with the AT&T conglomerate, and neither companies are officially disclosing the terms of the agreement, neither do they have to bail out of their alliance in the case of DirecTV losing their deal with the NFL. However, it never looked like DirecTV does not have any chance of losing this Sunday ticket, which happens to be the biggest draw for the company. The deal is also expanded into the territory of streaming games through the mobile devices, as part of the sales for the Sunday ticket.

However, the willingness of DirecTV to stream the games online to various locations means that it can actually become much easier for people to watch football games, whenever they are in need of doing so. Therefore, it becomes very important for DirecTV to make an enormous amount of revenue for the coming eight years, so that they can get their subscribers and fans subjected to each and every price rise they can encounter and this is definitely not going to be cheap for a common person.

Source: – Sportsmedianews

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  • Directv are definitely pros when it comes to deecit. I read this article about this man that could not get the service any longer, as he moved and the complex would not allow Directv to install the equipment. So when he tried to cancel they hit him with a huge cancelation fee. Turns out that all he had to do was contact the media to get them to drop the unfair charges. I think this is really sad and I’m glad to hear that there are people out there willing to stand up for the common man. As a DISH Network customer/employee, I know that treating your customers fair and right is so much more important than the money. Reply

    Snezana Aug 20, 2015 1:47 am Reply

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