10% discount coupons given by PlayStation in apology for outages during Holiday

South-Park-SorryIt was a tough time for gaming consoles during the holiday season. Both, Xbox Live, as well as PlayStation network was crippled due to the service attack that was started on Christmas morning. New customers were unable to enjoy full features of the console, and very few of them were able to go online on the gaming server.

Whatever the consequence, the station is extremely sorry about the entire fiasco. It now offers New Year goodies to make up for that problem. In addition to having the sales extended, they now ended the subscription of PlayStation plus for five days. The details of this deal will be available when Sony has all the plans firmly established. In addition to every deal, every PlayStation owner who faced problems during the holidays, will get access to a 10% discount coupon this month.

With this coupon, they can purchase any products, and use the discount for purchasing things from the PlayStation store. However, not a lot of details can be found about this deal, unless Sony comes up with more information. So, everybody is looking forward to the official news from the company to understand about the deal, and the conditions that need to be fulfilled.

Source: – PlayStation

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