A new Mana game to be released by Square Enix in the year of 2016


Square Enix promised their fans they will return to the old-fashioned JRPG and the time has come for them to fulfill the promise. They have been developing a game which is going to be on the same level as Final Fantasy, Dragon Quest, or Saga. The game will be brand new, and excluding other games and the franchise like Kingdom Hearts III. Amongst their legion of fans, people who played the original titles will feel nostalgic at the new game.

These were times when Nintendo provided excellent gaming features in conjunction with PlayStation. If Square Enix is going to return to this forum, they are desperately in need of a brand-new Mana game to finish this gaming wheel. However, the developer of the game did not forget the franchise. In a recent interview, producer Nasaru Oyamada, mentioned the expansion of his outlook on the franchise, hoping for a major game that will serve the 25th anniversary of the company. The release of the game will happen in 2016, and there are preparations about the development and post production of the game.

Square Enix acknowledged that a lot of fans of the older franchises will be proud of the new game they are going to launch in 2016. However, the category of the game, and the wider spectrum necessary for people to like the game were not mentioned. This is why, the primary reason people are waiting for 2016, is to make sure they get their hands on the new Mana game that will definitely be a best seller.

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