Android wear makes the game Flappy Bird more difficult

Flappy-Bird-Moto-360The hit game, Flappy Bird, is extremely addictive, and very frustrating, as reaching higher levels can prove to be impossible for most people. It becomes extremely difficult as the level progresses, and it becomes even more difficult if you play it on Android. However, the best part of using such wearable devices and playing the games is that you do not have to depend on your mobile battery, and you can enjoy the game in all places.

There are demonstrations about how this game runs extremely well on Moto 360, mainly due to the quad core Snapdragon processor this wearable device has. There is no lag in the game, but the main problem lies in the difficulty. As the game is entirely dedicated to keeping the bird alive by flopping its wings, having a round display will actually create a visual problem. You will not be able to see the obstacles in the game extremely fast, and it can end up creating a blind spot whenever you have to look out for obstacles.

However, if you wear a square device like the LG G Watch or the Samsung Gear Live, then it will not be much of an issue. The only difficulty you will then face is the small screen. This game is noteworthy for the addictive game play, and you need to download the patch to make sure you can fix all instability issues. Previously, there were issues with the Android wear platform for this game. It was fixed, and now people can enjoy the game without facing any problems with this platform.

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