Changes and shake up done on Dreamworks Animation

dreamworks_illoFor those people who did not see a lot of good movies coming from DreamWorks animation recently, they now rejuvenated the management system. This ensures there will be the definitive replacement; Bonnie Arnold and Mireille Soria taking care of the company as the co-presidents, and effectively replacing the current president, Bill Damaschke. Most people who follow this movie production house, realize this is a feature that could end up becoming a wonder move by Jeffrey Katzenberg or it could fail miserably.

Damaschke is a DWA veteran, and has been with the company since 1995. Over 20 years of work in one company is definitely something that can contribute to the person’s experience of working in a specific sector. Since being replaced by Bonnie and Mireille, he will have to find a job in another production house. His replacement was mainly due to a lot of box office disappointments from the DreamWorks animation, such as the Penguins of Madagascar, Mr Peabody and Sherman. He has been at the top post of DreamWorks since January, 2011.

Bonnie and Mireille are also very popular, and family within DreamWorks animation. They will take charge of the creative development, as well as the production of all movies produced by the studio. Bonnie was the lead producer on the hit movie, How to Train Your Dragon, and also the sequel to the movie, both of which were huge hits for DreamWorks animation. It went on to become the highest grossing animation movie in 2014 with an estimated total of $ 618 million.

Source: – Hollywood Reporter

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