Gaming network outage results in teen calling 911

B56NFtrCcAAJh9oIt is very embarrassing when people do not have any idea about an emergency, and call the state police for guidance. In this case, it was a teenager located in Palm Beach, Florida, who thought it prudent to give a call to the 911 helpline, asking why the PlayStation network was down during the holidays.

He also mentioned there were few people arrested over this case, and it was the only reason why the police needed information about it. However, the complaint did not signify anything stolen, or had any sort of features which have to do with cyber cell hacking, or for that matter, any monetary theft. The call was done so that the person would find out whether there was any solution to the PlayStation network being down during the holidays. This is extremely idiotic from any person, and does not constitute what a person should know about a real-life emergency.

This piece of news was also reported in the local media, and it became the laughing stock of the social media.

Source: – Kotaku


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