Microsoft provides more power from the CPU to the Xbox One developers

jpgDuring Christmas break, a hacking group by the name of HALT leaked sensitive documentation for the Xbox one development. All firmware, documentation, as well as a wonderful insight into the evolution of the console was shown to the general public. The latest revealed upgrade is that the game developers now have access to the seventh CPU core, ensuring they will get more processing power as the developers of the game.

Until recently, Microsoft reserved two CPU cores, out of nearly 8 available, to run the background operating system in conjunction with the games. Now, both the Xbox one, as well as the PlayStation four have access to about 50 to 80% of the processing power of a seventh CPU core. This may also explain why there were a lot of small multiple platform titles released in the last quarter of 2014. In certain scenarios, they may have a lot of performance advantage over the PlayStation four.

However, there are a lot of features one needs to go through to access this CPU core. Firstly, only game specific voice commands are provided to get access to the seven cores. The amount of CPU time provided for such an activity is limited, and can vary at any given moment of time. So, there is a noticeable difficulty with getting to know the amount of time which is left for the work that has to be done on that core. Voice commands will only get activated until a certain time frame, unless the core is deactivated.

Source: – Eurogamer

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