Netflix looks to cracking down on VPN

tnewnfafajwfstsq2zm9It is no secret that people who do not live in the US do not get access to the wonderful source of entertainment from Netflix. However, there is a workaround to this feature, and that is the use of a virtual private network, or the VPN. A lot of people have been subscribing to Netflix and using the VPN to mask their location and identity. They are then able to access the website, and watch a variety of movies and TV shows for a monthly subscription.

However, it now looks like Netflix is cracking down at the use of this feature. There are a lot of Google Chrome extensions from all across the world that will target the US ISPs. However, Netflix is now trying to take it down, and as reported by a torrent leak, they recently blocked some services that got around the Geo blockers. Targeting websites that provide services to people, and directly rejecting the IPs coming from a virtual location was done by Netflix.

So, even though there is a lot of other VPNs that are still active in providing access to Netflix, one can understand that this initiative from the company is only to enforce a ban. This is just a testing phase, making sure they have everything correct before they take the initiative of providing the blocking services. So the Geo-Pirates, as they are called, who have been concentrating on the streaming process, will have to find an alternative method to watch content from Netflix. The battle for watching content has just begun.

Source: – Torrent Freak

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