Potential data breach at a few restaurants at Chick-fil-A admitted

8737281892_4501af34b5_bWith the Atlanta-based chicken restaurant Chick-fil-A, the news of a security breach could not come at a worse time. They are now investigating a credit card hacking attempts at some of the restaurants. This security breach may have affected more than 9000 customer cards that were stored on their server. However, they are extremely vague about this exploit, only saying they received reports about unusual activity in regards to the payment card, and they are looking into the issue.

Investigating the potential activity of some credit cards has been a standard practice at Chick-fil-A. However, they mentioned there were a lot of agencies, and inside employees working on the issue to make sure they understand all the facts before commenting on the investigation. All additional facts and features will be showcased to the media, and all affected people will be made aware of the breach. This potential security hack was first known on December 19, just before Christmas.

Now, the company is working with leading IT enforcement agencies, as well as security firms to make sure they understand the concerns as well all facts and circumstances surrounding the hack. There are a lot of major credit card companies that issued alerts about this breach, and in most cases, Chick-fil-A was the common link. Suspicious activity can definitely be the main target point for this chicken restaurant. Although, 9000 may not be that many when you compare it to millions visiting the restaurant, it is still a substantial amount.

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