Scribd raised over $22 Million for the subscription service of the ebook

scribdThe subscription market for ebooks on the Internet has been rising. On Friday, Scribd confirmed they successfully raised over $ 22 million in funding, so they will double the amount of books within the subscription service. With the help of this new funding, they will achieve the goal of creating the best possible comprehensive library so that millions of people all across the world can use it.

This is definitely a wonderful service that launched in 2007 with an unlimited book subscription service provided in 2013. This has a lot of features for the e-book industry, making sure that people spend only about $8.95 per month so they get access to unlimited books from the Scribd library. This revolutionary feature took on two of the biggest publishers, as well as a lot of small publishing houses.

This article subscription model transformed the way people consume media. Scribd brought about a revolutionary feature in the e-book industry, just the same as Netflix has done to the entertainment industry. There are a lot of subscription-based services provided all across the world, and getting a digital library at your fingertips, and reading whenever you want to is definitely a good way in which people can gain a substantial knowledge. Scribd has promoted their service, and one can truly say that gaining knowledge from this plethora of books is very much a possibility.

Source: – Mashable

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