Seagate seven is declared the thinnest hard disk drive created

Seven_Sketch_collage.0Unless the Solid State Drive or the SSD becomes more affordable for the general public, there will still be a market for people using the traditional disk drive. Going by recent trends, it will keep improving, and there is ample proof for that statement. Seagate Seven, one of the latest hard disk drives provided by the company, is the thinnest hard disk drive ever made in the world, measuring an astounding 7 mm.

This is 0.1 mm thinner than the super slim iPhone Six Plus from Apple. Seagate fitted all physical platters that will deliver 500 GB of storage at an excellent speed. The other factor about this hard disk drive is that it is not only slim, but the steel chassis, which is extremely shiny, makes it very attractive and incredible in design. The company launched this addition to celebrate the 35th anniversary of the mass production of the 5.25 desktop hard drive. It was built by Seagate back in 1980, and it contained only about 5 MB of storage. Compare that to photographs taken today, and the hard disk drive would not be able to store a single high-resolution photo.

As for Seagate Seven, it has no problem of storing few thousand photographs or at least hundreds of high-definition movies, along with the speedy 3.0 USB connectivity. The entire HDD is extremely good to look at, and it will go on sale during late January, at an astounding price of $ 99.99.

Source: – The Verge

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