Skyrim and Zelda shows you how to cook food in a new released ebook

fry-scores-video-games-foodIf you love something, whether it is a book, a movie, or a comic, you certainly like to get some memorabilia associated with it. So, how about getting cooking knowledge from your favorite game? Holly Green, a writer by profession, and an avid gamer, provided answers about the cooking knowledge from games in her book, Fry Scores. The release happened a while ago, and she released this news through her Twitter feed.

It was her interview with a game informer that led the entire gaming community to read her book. Choosing the recipe was one of the most important parts of the process, and as difficult as one can presume. There are very practical lists filled with dishes you can eat at any part of the day. So, it was not only about collecting a list of food that we, as gamers, have seen in video games, but also curating the recipe along with some basic cooking techniques. It needs to be amusing, as well as useful for people reading the book.

In the book, games like Skyrim, Twilight Princess, the Sims 3, and the Legend of Zelda are mentioned. She was also responsible for putting together the photographs that come along with every recipe. She started out by looking into professional cookbooks, and how the professional food photographers capture their subjects. She then re-shot all her recipes, as she ended up getting much better in photography. The book is now available on iTunes and in the future it will be available on more platforms.

Source: – Game Informer

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