The Apple watch will either be a failure or a brilliant hit, there would be no average

MetalBands-640x359Apple recently announced the Apple watch, and they chose a very special location to do so, the Flint Center for the performing arts, located in Cupertino, California. This is where Steve Jobs announced the original Macintosh and this is also where he went on to announce the iMac. This is actually not a location Apple is going to forget about all of a sudden. So, when the CEO of Apple, Tim Cook, went on the stage, he made sure that everybody was listening carefully to him.

He made sure he started the event by talking about the biggest products in the history of Apple, which are the Macintosh, and the Apple watch. Apple announced they will make a new Apple iPhone, and they are also looking forward to the mobile payment system, Apple Pay. The exuberance with which people looked forward to the keynote speech was worth watching and remembering. So, the release of four new products on the same date can prove to be a very hectic task for Apple, but given the success of the company, they are definitely going to get it done on time.

One may argue that Tim Cook is looking forward to the release, more so because the Apple watch is a very dear product and close to his heart. He also announced that the product is not one of those smart watches someone can purchase for their family, but it happens to make an essential item of today. It is a brand-new platform for Apple, and they are looking forward to get good reviews with it. It will either be a hit, or it will flop big time. There will be no average in this product.

Source: – Business Insider

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  • Just spitballing here, and it would lielky take a rooted device, but wouldn’t the easiest approach be something like this: 1. Give the app a unique permission group of its own2. Create a directory with permissions restricted to only that group3. Have the app move files into that folder and turn the app into the app that displays those files. Put a PIN on launch. Resetting permission or adding another app to the permission group should take root access anyway, so it should be relatively safe. If you’re so worried about files on your phone that you feel encryption is needed, either: 1. Use Android 4.1+, which supports encryption without relying on a developer who may or may not know anything about implementing it.2. Use a BlackBerry, which offers the same feature.3. Stop storing sensitive files on a device that wasn’t meant to store sensitive files4. Get used to the idea of your sensitive files getting read

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