The Clock Tower game’s spiritual successor, Night Cry has been revealed

Night-Cry-Project-ScissorsFor Japan’s horror series, the game does not stop with Silent Hill getting revamped these days. The person behind the Clock Tower games, Hifumi Kouno, left Capcom, and is now concentrating on the creation of his new company, Nude Maker. They came up with a new trailer for the latest game, Night Cry. Going by the trailer, you can understand why this is classified as a horror game. This is definitely one of those games people are going to have a wonderful time playing.

While the game was originally titled Project Scissors, the Nude Maker and the owner, Kouno, mentioned this game will be the spiritual successor to the classic franchisee of Clock Tower. So, this game takes place in a luxury liner, and according to the game play and the story, everything goes very pleasantly. This is until passengers start being victims of a lot of murders that are gruesome in taste and features. So, the modus operandi of having to play the game is to solve the murder, and ensure that innocent passengers on the ocean liner survive.

The teaser does not reveal anything about the game. People who care about the graphical content are definitely in for a treat. The game may come up with a lot more teasers in the coming months, so if you are even a bit interested, you will find yourself eagerly anticipating them. Maybe, it is that time of the year in which you end up getting the best possible game play on your console.

Source: – Gematsu

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