The legacy lives on with the death of Stuart Scott

Screen-Shot-2015-01-04-at-2.32.08-PMIf you follow ESPN Sports center, then the name Stuart Scott should not be unknown to you. He was one of the best footballers the channel ever had, and on Sunday morning, he lost his battle to cancer at 49 years old. This is definitely very tragic news for people who grew up watching and hearing the iconic voice of Stewart announcing the news, as well as providing a detailed overview of the game. Sure, there have been a lot of other iconic sports commentators, but definitely none of them had a fan following like Stuart Scott.

He was a very prominent African-American on television, and since the program was watched by millions of people every night, he brought forward the image of African-Americans into the mainstream media. The iconic catchphrases, and a certain amount of style was found in the sports center of ESPN. He brought about a certain charisma to the sports programming, and ESPN Sports Center went on to become the leading source of news for people interested in sports.

Stewart started suffering from complications caused by cancer in 2007, and he had to undergo an emergency process to take care of his appendix. However, he stopped being a frequent person in ESPN Sports Center as he was frequently in and out of the hospital throughout the entire eight years. At one point, in 2014, he had four surgeries in a week. So, one can realize the magnitude of infection and the amount of complications he suffered.

Source: – Forbes

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