The PC version of GTA V to be delayed again

GTA-Online-Heists-11-635x357If the recent reply from official Rockstar personnel on the fan forum is anything to go by, the developers suggested that the game will hit the personal computer on 27 January. There will be no changes whatsoever to the official announcement. However, since most of us are confused about whether they will release the game on the specified date, there is some sort of speculation that the game is going to be delayed.

GTA V was without a doubt, one of the most anticipated games in 2014. However, successive deadlines that were not met, problems with developers, as well as the production team not being fully aware of the circumstances, led to the game being delayed. Now, discreet changes happened on the Steam page of the GTA V, where the date was changed to January 27th and this is definitely a good indication that the game will be delayed. The absence of any official statement can also give rise to speculations about the delay of the game.

So, if GTA V is again delayed, it is best for you to wait for a public announcement from officials to get it confirmed. Although, one can say that January 27 is early 2015, the margin for the time frame mentioned is exceedingly high. So, people are waiting with eager anticipation on what seems to be the next big thing in the gaming circuit. It looks like people are going to wait with bated breaths to get their hands on such gaming title. As of now, this is, and will be a wonderful method from Rockstar to make their fans eagerly await the next release.

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