The police from England arrest an alleged member of Lizard Squad

funny-lizard-on-computers-keyboardIt was the Lizard Squad that claimed responsibility for the attacks done to Microsoft as well as the Sony gaming network on Christmas Day. Now, the British police got a major breakthrough by arresting one member of the original group. Vinnie Omari, 22 years old, was arrested on the charges that he is the member of the Lizard squad, and the arrest was done from his house. According to an interview provided to the Daily Dot, Vinnie claimed the regional police took everything with them.

Amongst the items confiscated by the police, was an Xbox one, mobile phones, laptop, as well as USB devices. So, a press release from the Thames Valley police confirmed the conviction, ensuring that the charges are on the suspicion of committing fraud with the help of computer misuse as well as false representation. He was released on bail one day later, and no charges are currently filed against him.

Vinnie mentioned that all charges are alleged, stressing the fact they did not have any proof to tie him to the members of the Lizard squad. However, the forensic team will investigate the evidence, and cyber crime experts will also be called into this investigation. Another member of the squad, Ryan, was also arrested, and was taken down to the police station for questioning. Following the attack, there was a release of an application by the name of LizardStresser. This application was meant for any person who would want to take down any website or service for a certain fee. Now, that application also disappeared from the feed of the website.

Source: – Daily Dot

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