The prototype for the watch dock for Apple will be making an appearance in the CES 2015

Prototype-of-Apple-Watch-watch-dock-to-make-CES-appearanceStandzout, a company that has a lot of Apple accessories wants to showcase prototypes for the Apple watch and its related accessories. They will make an induction charging plate to power all devices while holding the watch in place. Also, the USB port will allow you to make use of the talk in order to charge other devices like the Apple iPad, or the iPhone.

The Apple watch has not been released yet, but there are speculations that Apple is looking forward to planning a Valentine’s Day launch for this smart watch. This wearable device is going to ignite the passion amongst people to give the smart watch as a gift during the special date. It is also amongst the most eagerly anticipated products Apple will bring out in the near future. So, going by statistics, and the interest of people in this smart watch, one can surely say that sales will reach about 30 million units in the first year. That is definitely bound to be a lot of heavy demand for such kind of accessories.

Just like their previous products, Apple made an effort to create a smart watch that people will think of as a piece of fashion jewellery. Immediately, after announcing this product, Apple said this is going to be a bestseller, or it will be a bust, but definitely not something in between. Previously, there were smart watches designed by Samsung and LG, but there is a lot of interest in how Apple will showcase this wearable device.

Source: – GigaOM

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