There were three instances where Marissa Mayer refused to fire her thousands of Employees from Yahoo

MTIwNjA4NjMzNjYzNjIwNjIwBecoming the Yahoo CEO in 2012, Marissa Mayer had her task cut out for her. The optimum way in which she would end up fixing the company was to make sure she will take care of finances. In terms of finances, she had to fire thousands of employees right away, and make sure she would take hold of the situation. However, Marissa Mayer did not go through that step.

It was revealed that the venture capitalist from the Silicon Valley, Mark Andreessen, suggested that she undertakes laying off thousands of people all at once to make sure she will get the situation under control. However, it was also found out that the board members of Yahoo wanted her to do the same. It was not only a bad situation, but it also had to do with the overall future of the company. However, she made the choice of not firing over 5000 employees of Yahoo on three occasions.

When she joined the company in the summer of 2012, she was first told to meet up with the company executive Jim Heckman. He had been the top deal maker for the management team for the past few years, and continued to line up a lot of deals with famous IT companies like Google, Microsoft, as well as Apple. So, the plan was to make sure they would outsource a lot of functions of Yahoo, and fired a third of people working for them. However, Marissa did not pay attention to the idea, and did her own job of restructuring the company.

Source: – Business Insider

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