Youtube getting a serious competitor in Twitter

twitter-sign-logoWe may have seen Twitter as just a micro blogging, social media platform; however, Twitter is now looking forward to increasing their presence in the Internet world. This social networking platform, mentioned in November they have plans to offer their own video streaming service sometime in the year of 2015. A new FAQ page on the website revealed a lot of juicy details about this development.

According to the FAQ page, the new wing will support videos that will be up to 10 minutes long. The format will be MP4, as well as encoded Mov. The videos cannot be edited with the video publisher by Twitter, and there is no advertising supported at this moment. Twitter said that anything that can be uploaded to YouTube can also be uploaded to the Twitter platform, as long as it meets the requirements of length. Twitter is encouraging people to upload the best possible quality videos on their website.

As of now, the website is only available to verified users. So, it seems that the testing feature of this video streaming website is going to happen behind the scenes. It is still not clear when this service will launch; however, Twitter mentioned they will start operations for this part of the website in the first half of 2015. Once it launches, then the option for video will majorly affect the revenues from YouTube, and it will be a good way for most brands to provide promotional content to their steady stream of followers.

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