Big Bang Theory Penny and Leonard Wedding Photos LEAKED! But Where’s Sheldon And Everybody Else?

Penny and Leonard are finally going to tie the knot in the upcoming Big Bang Theory season 9. In a series of photos leaked by The Hollywood Reporter, we finally get to see the wedding which the show had been building on for so long.

The first picture shows the bride and the groom at the altar, exchanging their vows. While Leonard has opted for a more formal and traditional look with a full tuxedo, Penny chose to make her wedding day special by wearing a powder pink gown and a tiny white netted veil.

Where is Sheldon and the Gang?

While nothing has been confirmed just yet, we do know that Leonard and Penny took off to Vegas before the end of Season 8, so maybe that could explain why Sheldon and the rest of the gang is absent from the wedding.

Big-Bang-theory-wedding-pics-must-credit-The-Hollywood-Reporter-in-copy Big-Bang-theory-wedding-pics-must-credit-The-Hollywood-Reporter-in-copy-2

Nevertheless, the absence of their best friends doesn’t seem to bother much to the newly wed couple as is evident from the other couple of photos, one of which portrays the love between Leonard and Penny as they stare passionately into each other’s eyes. The other photo shows our beloved nerd entering the hotel room by carrying his hot wife through the door of their hotel room.

Big Bang Theory Season 9 is all set to air from 21st of this month in the States and while the producers of the show still haven’t confirmed anything, we’re probably looking at a late October air date for the UK.

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